Sunday, April 12, 2015


Penny Pot Pie, you are so much fun!! I wish I hadn't spent the first month wishing you were older. The first few weeks of your life feel like such a blur; I wish I would have just indulged in your newborn-ness and enjoyed your snuggles more than worrying about getting out of the house. You're so smiley and "talkative" and I feel like I can't get enough of you every day. I never want this phase to end! You're so sweet, cuddly and easy to trek around everywhere but still interactive and alert. It's the perfect combo, I tell ya. I thought I'd love the toddler stage the most, but now I'm not so sure. I know there are a lot more fun days to come but I wish this 2-3 month stage could last extra long.

 Morning Pie is our favorite kind of Pie
My arms get so tired by the end of church while you're sleeping, but I love the snuggles and hate lugging around the giant carseat. 

About you:
  • You're so smiley and talkative from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. You fall right to sleep at night and sleep for 10-12 hours every night with no convincing from us. THANK YOU. Dad and I both have horrible stress dreams where we leave you somewhere or aren't able to feed you. We wake up in a panic and then have to resist the urge to pick you up and cuddle in the middle of the night.
  • You're not the best napper, and sleep best while people are talking or while the TV is on. Oops.
  • You used to love being in your car seat, but now don't like when I put you in it at first. You've started "yelling" at people sometimes when they get in your face to say hi, which I find kind of funny
  • You're too long for your newborn clothes now which makes me want to cry!
  • You loath tummy time but are really good at holding up your head
  • For whatever reason, you LOVE patty-cake. It's so funny watching you get so excited about it!
I realized one day I had bought ZERO baby toys, and finally bought one of those play mat things. Rave baby reviews I tell ya!

We're very aware of how much we lucked out with such a mellow, happy, fun baby. We love you so much, Pie. And sorry we call you Pie. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The Blizzard wrap party in Vegas was this last weekend, and instead of going like last year we opted to do our own little roadtrip. We entertained the idea of going for a minute, but weren't interested in hanging out with Penelope on the strip or getting a babysitter, so to Solvang we went!

Solvang, AKA the "Danish Capital of America," is most likely the strangest city ever. We had heard about it a few times and really wanted to go. We loved the architecture, food, and treats but the overall feeling there was just....weird. It could be that we went on a random weekend when no festivals were going on, but it felt like a ghost town. We made a quick stop in Santa Barbara on our way and by the time we got to Solvang at 6:00 almost all the restaurants and stores had been closed since 3:00. We were literally the only ones out walking around which we were creeped out by, but of course we would have been annoyed if it was packed too. We're picky with our random road trips to ghost towns.

The 2 places that were open were Mortensen's Bakery (which we had wanted to go to and it did not disappoint) and Cecco, a really good Italian restaurant. So, success! We got our good pursuing done the next day when everything opened, and lucked out with the perfect chilly weather, just how we like it.

We stayed at the Hamlet Inn, which we liked, but after many marathons of Hotel Impossible we've become very picky...we're regular Anthony Melchiorris. Oh you don't watch random hotel shows on Netflix? Moving on then.
Amazing Danish Pancakes!! I mean I have nothing to compare them to, but YUM.
Penny was a dream, but when is she not?

One of our favorite parts was the drive. The road is right along the ocean for 30 miles or so, and we passed deserts, drove through a really pretty canyon, across bridges through canyons, vineyards, lakes - pretty much every landscape you can think of. 

Overall we decided Solvang is a quick stop on a better road trip, not a final destination, but fun nonetheless! Better than the Vegas strip? Probably. Worth sitting in LA traffic for? Maybe not so much.