Sunday, August 24, 2014


My little bro got married to his High School GF Brittany back in May, and I just love them both so much!


It was so fun being back at Sleepy Ridge where we had our reception! They did it outside on the patio, and the summer weather was amazing.

Since we had just found out a few days earlier that I was pregnant, we held on to the secret to tell our families in person. We slipped it into conversation non-nonchalantly to Jaclyn and Bryson in the car on the way to the temple, told my entire family one night at dinner, and Ryan's parents at their house late one night. Everyone's excitement made us feel more and more excited. It couldn't have worked out better to be able to tell them face to face and I'm so glad we could! We texted Jesse and Brittany as they were sitting on the plane about to leave for Hawaii for their honeymoon, but didn't want to tell them before to steal the thunder of their weekend. (The One with Monica's Thunder, anyone?)

Love these peeps who are much greater examples to me as younger sibs than I'll ever be to them.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


I had a hiatus in April so we decided to high tail it to Seattle for a long weekend. (High tail? Is that the phrase? What does that mean?) This trip is near and dear to my heart because it was the day after we got back we found out we are having a baby! Say whhhat!

The whole weekend I had been having every pregnancy symptom in the book (other than nausea, which came in with a bang later) but had been off birth control for oh, 2 SECONDS, so was pretty positive I couldn't be pregnant. I just must have gained 5 pounds in each boob and was bloating just for fun. Yes, that makes sense.

But for the sake of chronological order, Seattle! We had been talking about going for awhile so it was fun to finally DO IT. We met up with some friends, Ryan's family, and ate so much food. SO MUCH FOOD I SAY. The food in Seattle is so good it makes me feel a little angry at Orange County.
Brought everything except for different jackets...
Ryan fell in love with Ellenos greek yogurt:
 The gum wall! I loved it, Ryan did not.

We met up with my friend Natalie from Utah State who I love so much. It had been 4 years (!!?) since I had seen her last and we didn't skip a beat. We checked out her area, went to dinner and dessert with her and her boyfriend, and then saw her place and met Hazel the hedgehog. We're ready to move next door. Did I mention how much I love her? Natalie that is, but Hazel is great too.

At Gas Works park:
Freemont Troll:
The mac & cheese of my lifetime at Skillet Diner:
Dessert at...I forget where:

The next day we made the drive out to visit Ryan's Aunt and Uncle and their cute fam. They spoiled us with yummy food, fun times and DENTAL WORK! Hooray for having the most amazing dentist Uncle. We loved spending time with them.

This post is getting long BUT THERE'S MORE! We went back to Seattle and ate MORE, met up with the Hubbells, then packed up and headed home. We loved it and Ryan is ready to move right about nowish. So we will meet again, Seattle.
 Top Pot donuts:
 Serious Pie:
 We stayed at the Hotel Andra downtown and loved it:
 Waited in line for the 2nd best restaurant in the country, Paseo, and it was WORTH IT:

Now back to the bebe. The day after we got back I was grocery shopping (a rare occasion) and passed the pregnancy tests and thought I might as well try one. Since I'm irrationally impulsive I did it right then and there in the Ralph's bathroom; I was strangely shocked to see it was positive but I don't really know why! I told Ryan I was coming to pick him up from work and had something to show him. I was mentally prepared to be the strong, excited one if Ryan freaked out, but when he was excited and positive reality really set in and allowed me have a moment of why did we think we could do this right now!!? Tears were shed, Ryan comforted me, we felt happy and the baby was a-growin'. :) We love the bean.