Tuesday, December 16, 2014


More catching up, yawn I know. Some highlights from the last few months:

I totaled the good ol' Yaris in September on my way to work one morning. Since I was a little over emotional/pregnant and this is Ryan's number one greatest fear, it was kind of a dramatic and scary morning. We hung out in the hospital for a few hours because they wanted to monitor baby, and it took me a good month or so before I could drive on the 405 again. We got a new car, which we were planning on doing anyway, so it actually worked out pretty well. We discovered our new favorite sandwich place Mr. Pickles around the corner from the dealership, our car has more baby space, and Curly, a man who also competes in mustache competitions, sold us the car so…all is well that ends well.

We met up with Ryan's friend Dean at Disneyland for breakfast one morning and he casually said, "Want to check out the new Club 33?" And then I cried and passed out in joy! More or less. We had dinner there last year and I'm so happy we got to see it in it's original state, but I have to say it's SO much more magical now. I teared up at all the little magic details.
 The pictures move and it's sneaky and, yes, MAGICAL
 I forget how far along I was here…5 months I think? 
 We just really belong…in our fancy clothes and shoes...

Some Disneylanding with the Hayes in October:
Only the best treats for my 25 week fetus:

Some random work moments:

The very best interns:
Pretty sure this was before my large pregnancy days:
Two of my very best friends in the office I go to when I'm ignoring work I need to do…cough cough...
 Kramer is a model:
 Jen points at creepy photoshopped Walt:
 Jen points at my baby:
 Heading to a screening, I forget which one:
 Goodbye Lauren :(
 Free frozen yogurt at the commissary for preggies, it's THE BEST:
 I always have a strange desire to document my desk late at night when I'm the last to leave:

I think that's the last of the long over due catch up posts! But you know, never say never. Or something.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Oh you've moved on from 3 months ago? Well in case you haven't...

In September Ryan did two paintings for Disney's Wonderground Gallery. There was a signing in Downtown Disney that I thought was much cooler than Ryan did, but can you blame a proud wife?
 The Borups came to support!
Not that I've ever done well in the heat, but me+heat+pregnancy is the worst combo. I may have escaped to the Grand Californian with a Jamba for an hour...

As soon as the signing was done we headed straight to San Deigo to see "Once." Ryan is a huge fan of the music and movie and I was determined to see the play. We loved it!
This was around the time we found out we were having a girl and still trying to wrap our brains around the fact that it wasn't the boy we thought it was. I cried through this whole song thinking about Baby Girr, and it still makes my cry whenever I hear it.

That month we also celebrated Ryan's birthday with the Metcalfs and Murphys...

...and hung out with cousin Lindsey when she came to visit, including cousin Sydney's wedding reception in Huntington Beach. We love those Rowes.
 6 months preg and gushing over baby Eloise all week:
 We put Ryan to work changing diapers and holding Eloise. Practice makes perf they say.

I never know how to end these catch up posts. The end? The end!