Friday, October 3, 2014


My answer to "how's pregnancy?" varies greatly by trimester, day, weather, TV schedule, etc. etc., so I feel like I can't give an overall "great!" or "meh" answer. If you had asked me at any point during the first 14 weeks or so, I was pretty honest that I wasn't loving it. I was having some sort of problem every week it seemed; trips to the urgent care and ER that felt a little more dramatic than needed, bed rest, SO much sickness (all day every day,) exhaustion, throwing up at work, home, my car, public bathrooms all across Southern California..lovely really. It wasn't great and I was never really good at smiling and lying, "I'm doing great!" Not that anyone who asked couldn't tell how I was feeling by how I looked anyway. I kept telling Ryan, "One and done!" because the first trimester had me pretty positive I never wanted to be pregnant again.

1st trimester

At the beginning of the 2nd trimester I got my energy back before the nausea completely faded, which made such a huge difference! And I eventually got to that glorious stage of energy and excitement everyone promised me would come. At 18 weeks we went in for the big ultrasound and it was then that it really became real for me. We had many ultrasounds up to this point, more than I was supposed to have, so we had seen the little bean many times in all it's little arm and leg nub glory. I went into this one expecting it to be like all the others and was so surprised to see how big our lil' bebe was!! It was a real human instead of a gummy bear, and the little profile and beating heart made me cry.

Earlier, during the ER fiasco, the ultrasound techs were super nice to calm my worries and said, "it's too early too tell but we're pretty positive it's a boy." Ryan said, "Oh yay!...I think I wanted a girl." I had been feeling like it was a boy all along and they were so confident that we believed them and quickly chose a name and everything. There were a couple weeks afterwards where I started feeling like, "I think maybe it's a girl..." but didn't really trust myself. But at the same time I wasn't totally surprised when the ultrasound tech this time said, "Looks like this baby is a girl!" Ryan said, "Plot twist!" and made her check 5 more times until she finally said, "I'm pretty damn sure it's a girl." Good enough for us! It was weird changing our mindset from baby boy Milo to a girl for a day or so, but EXCITED we were and EXCITED we still are. Knowing the sex really helped me picture life with a new baby better and picture what she will look and be like. I started feeling more connected to her, LOVED feeling her move and had little to no complaints. Where the first trimester was exhausting, the second was fun and exciting. And she was henceforth known as "baby girr."

2nd trimester:

I'm 27 weeks now, just about to start the 3rd trimester, and feeling like the glory days of the 2nd are behind me. Just this week I had a major growth spurt and had a really hard time sleeping and feeling so uncomfortable all day. The drive to and from work, especially from, has become tiring and painful on my back, but 12 hour work days will do that to you. I'm not necessarily looking forward to the 3 more months of growing I have, sigh. Is this fun to read? What else can I complain about? Let's switch to positive: laying down at night to feel baby girr move is my favorite thing to do. My belly moves like crazy! I try poking her to get her to move when I can feel exactly where she is and Ryan always says, "Let her sleep!"

So there's that, my uninteresting summary of pregnancy so far. I haven't been into official "belly pictures," not sure if I'll regret all these hideous bathroom selfies from work and our messy bathroom or not. And if you can't tell I have completely given up on looking somewhat presentable. Sleep an extra 45 minutes or shower and do my hair? Sleep.  We love our little bebe and are feeling so anxious for her to get here!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Better late than never...we went to Maui for the week of 4th of July and pretty much relaxed ourselves into a Hawaiin coma. When we went to Kauai last year we did and saw every little thing we could, and this time we did and saw mayyybee one thing a day. I was 13 weeks along and the nausea was starting to fade (praise the Hawaiin gods) but the exhaustion definitely had not. We spent our time napping and lounging mixed with a little sight seeing here and there. 

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency and loved it! View from our hotel room:
 Breakfast every morning, along with swans and every bird that lives in the state of Hawaii:
 Upset with me taking his picture:
 Upset with how long it takes him to take a picture. I was pretty sure my bump was huge at this point, hillllarious compared to now:
Waiting for our car. I was obsessed with those noodles. An exhausted pregnant lady's dream.
Snorkeling at Kapalua Bay beach, SO FUN! We swam right next to a turtle and it took all my might to not just give him a kiss. I have an underwater camera that I still need to get developed.
SPF 100 keeping us nice and pasty! 
 More of the pool:

Drums of the Pacific Luau where I ALMOST didn't make it without puking...but survived. Victory.

Breakfast at The Gazebo. Napili Bay was beauuutiful.
 Checking out the Nakalele Blowhold from a safe/wimpy distance: 

Despite my face below...I was so happy to be spending the 4th of July in Hawaii! It's my favorite holiday and if we couldn't be in Utah, this felt like the next best place. It was so magical watching fireworks on the beach and was definitely the highlight of the week. 

A must for Ryan:

We had booked a trip to go snorkeling at the Molokini Crater and decided the morning of it sounded like a great idea to NOT get up at 4:00am to go sit on a boat. I was finally done with throwing up all day every day and wanted to enjoy that a little longer, plus you know...we were tired. We spent the majority of the day trying to get our money back (success!) and watching Fixer Upper on HGTV...IT'S SO GOOD! You know, things you can only do in Maui.

We don't have any other trips planned before bebe comes so I guess you could call this our "babymoon." Just like on every vacation, my favorite part is always the inside jokes and crying from laughing, and now those memories feel extra special knowing it was our last big hoorah as a family of 2. So if you want recommendations on what to do in Maui don't ask us, but if you want to hear what it sounds like when Ryan gets attacked by a dinosaur, please do call.