Tuesday, January 20, 2015


After an internship, 2 road shows, and 2 1/2 years of working for Conan I packed up my desk and called it quits! As dramatic as it sounds, it was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I loved my job so much; it was so hard deciding to leave when there was so little I didn't like about it. I won't go into all my overly researched and thought over opinions on motherhood and working, but once I decided I'd rather try being at home for a while with baby girr over working, I haven't had any regrets. One day I think I'd like to go back, but for now this is what's right for me. All of my bosses were really supportive and made the transition easy, and the baby advice I got from Conan is still some of my very favorite, and not just because it came from him.

9 months preg and my last week at work:

My home away from home:
All packed up!

It was bitter sweet packing up my desk and saying goodbye to everyone! My coworkers really became my best friends and I honestly looked forward to going to work every day. I definitely will not miss the commute though. May we never meet again in stopped traffic somewhere in East LA, I-5.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I was 34 weeks the week we flew to Utah for Thanksgiving, and my doctor was very much so against it. She said there wasn't reason to believe I'd deliver early, which to me meant we should go, but that of course you can't always predict these things and we had to decide if we wanted to deliver out of state, which to Ryan meant we should stay. In true Ryan & Jo style we overthought and discussed it until everyone around us wanted to scream, and finally decided to go after wise words from our moms. What else are moms for? I was determined to go because A. We wouldn't be able to go for Christmas and I needed some holiday family time, and B. KAITLIN AND ZACH'S WEDDING!! 
 The large "bump:"
We are so so happy 2 of our very best friends got married, and so happy we were able to be there for it. Really just a lot of selfish happiness going on for ourselves. Their wedding pictures are amazing and you should see Kaity's dress she made on her blog.

Onto Thanksgiving! We did one with both families, per usual. And since we would be back for the Sundance brunch tradition at Christmas time, we made sure we did it this trip.
Apparently I only use my real camera for food pictures, why waste precious clicks on the faces of those I love?

Sawyer and I learned to make Peanut Butter pie (finally!!) with meemaw:
Dodson Thanksgiving selfie:

Metcalf Thanksgiving at Grammy and Grandpa's:
 A homeless man we took in for the evening:

Some other moments from the week:
A picture with both my boyfriends, but not with Sissy, sigh. It's a combination of my new lack of documenting and Olive not giving in to my forced snuggles.

It was weird leaving knowing the next time we saw everyone we'd have a baby! I'm so happy we were able to make it uneventfully, despite all our worries about the traveling. For there record pre-boarding with Southwest is worth getting pregnant for.

And why not end on this beautiful photograph of me in my equally beautiful, very pregnant state? While the 3rd trimester has been really good to me, I do wear these leggings a very minimum of 6 days a week, shower every 2-3 days, never do my hair and most definitely never wear make up. So there ya go, Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.

Oh wait I lied!! While we're still in the month of November, a couple moments before Thanksgiving! 

My parents came to come see us a few weeks before Thanksgiving! We did some Downtown Disney-ing, had breakfast at the Beachcomber, and my Dad finally got to come to a show! 

Warlords of Draenor launched! Ryan at a signing thing: (Thanks to Mike for sending me pictures like this, otherwise Ryan would never have even mentioned it happened)
 Conan played it on Twitch; we always love when our work-worlds collide:

And last but not least! Eating at Urban Plates approximately 14 times a week. Mac and cheese, chicken, bread and potatoes in one meal? It's like a present sent from heaven above just for me.