Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I don't know HOW this actually happened, but Bri and I ran the TinkerBell Half Marathon over the weekend! We signed up near the end of summer, trained really hard for a good few months, and then I completely stopped in December. It's hard to be in shape AND feel the holiday spirit, don't you know? I hadn't ran for about a month by the time it was race day, and the longest I ever went was 10 miles, so 13.1 was sounding pretty terrifying. Bri's parents were in town and so kindly let me spend the night with them at a hotel near Disneyland, then we were up the next morning at 4:00am ready to race!
There were SO many people, and since it was our first half marathon we were in the last wave, meaning we didn't start until an hour after the first few groups. Fireworks lighted at the start of the race, and the first 6 miles were through CA Adventure, Disneyland and Downtown Disney. It was SO magical and exciting running around the empty parks with staff cheering us on along the sidelines! There was Disney music playing, a few parade floats up, and characters a long the way. Magic I said, magic!

We stopped to take a few pictures along the way, because that's what Mickey would really want:
Screenshot of a $15 dollar picture. Bri makes me laugh so hard:
Around mile 7 we left the park and were in the random streets of Anaheim, which is where the adrenaline and excitement started to die. I knew this would happen and came prepared with an audio book, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as what was going on the first half of the race. Mile 8 is when I couldn't keep up with Bri and yelled "Save yourself! Go on with out me!" 9 through 11 is when I was holding back tears and contemplating all the ways I could quit. Maybe Ryan could come pick me up? Maybe there's a bus stop around here back to the hotel? Finally around mile 12 the race took us back near Disneyland, which helped me so much just to know where I was. I knew I wouldn't really quit but it was all I could think about before then.

Ryan and the Borups were waiting for me near the finished line and we COMPLETELY missed each other, I don't know how it happened!! We were all so disappointed, and it felt a tad anti-climactic running across the finish line alone and then being like well...I'm done. But we found each other afterwards and it meant so much to me to have supporters there. 

This picture makes me laugh/want to cry/feel proud of myself, and a little sad for myself too:

My favorite picture, stolen from Ben's facebook! These 3 hung out all morning and Ryan loved it:
The worst part? Running 13.1 miles and then having to walk another mile or so to a bus back to the hotel! My hip joints had completely locked up and I couldn't walk. It's just cruel I tell you! Where were the trams or complementary scooters!? Couldn't Disney have a wheelchair prepared for me?

It was the greatest experience and I'm so happy we did it. It's been on my list of things to do before I die for a really long time. I would MAYBE do one again...and maybe not stop training and actually try for speed. My goals were to not finish last and to not throw up so as far as I'm concerned for this time: SUCCESS!


  1. AHHH! I love it! This is some good writing man, you captured it exactly how it felt

  2. Jo, you and Bri are amazing. So glad you were able to finish the race. So sad we missed you at the end of the race. Maybe you should do the 1/2 marathon in August and we can come back down to support you. :) I enjoyed your blog.

  3. Oh my gosh Jo, this is so AMAZING!! Remember when I was in New York and I was training for a half marathon and then I moved back to Utah and stopped? Can I count your victory as mine?! The farthest I've ever ran is 10 miles, so I'll just live through you. I'm so proud of you!! Really, you're so cool. And I love the pictures! Especially the one of you by those green gates. Would you be disturbed if I printed it off and hung it in my cubicle at work? ;)

  4. JOOOOOO!!!! So proud! I might tear up.