Friday, April 4, 2014


My mom and sis came earlier last month for a weekend at Disneyland! No kids, much to my dismay, but sometimes adults just need a weekend on their own at the happiest place on earth, am I right? The Gunter women also joined, and we all had so much fun!

We met up with Bri to get on the cast preview of Thunder Mountain. They added something to the ride and it is AMAZING! Thanks Bri bee!

World's okayest sisters:
 Lunch at the Blue Bayou:

I was going to upload the video of this little dance number for your viewing pleasure but it kind of turned itself into a gif and I'm into it:

We had such a fun weekend - wish they would just move here so it could be a regular thing!


  1. That little video of you dancing is definitely my favorite thing I've seen in... weeks at least. It's just Jodle being Jodle! Love it.

  2. Love the dance, Jo . . . I love that you are so spontaneous! Makes me want to dance, and that's saying something! :)