Monday, July 7, 2014


In March (4 months ago...ahem...) the show went on the road to Dallas, Texas - yeehaw! It was so much fun staying in a fancy hotel, doing a show in a huge pretty theater with 5x's the amount of audience we usually have, and hanging out with some of my very favorite people all day very day. I was so anxious about going for months in advance - the travel, BIGGER production, etc. etc., but after we were done and enjoyed the weekend at home, I couldn't wait to get back to work to see everyone again. So this is love, la la dee da.

Black Friar the first night, and almost every night after that.

My little bunny. She always convinced me to go out even though I'm the boring, sober Mormon, and always made sure I got home safely on my own. Love her.
SO MUCH QUESO every day.
 The Majestic Theater - it was so pretty!
 Such glamorous working conditions, no?

Brought out my real camera a time or 2:

The Truck Yard:

Annnd a few other random moments including the Cone Zone and the wrap party:
 Sooo many treats sent to us at the theater every day:

And that's a wrap on Dallas!


  1. YOU BLOGGED!!!! I've missed you. Now tell us all about Hawaii, your fetus, and your brother's wedding! I want more pictures!! I mean, I know I already know a little about all of that, but I want more!

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  3. I have been returning to your blog a lot hoping to see a new post AND HERE IT IS! I agree with Kaitlin catch us up with everything please :). I want to hear more, more, more! But this Dallas trip looks so fun. that is awesome how much you love your job, I mean you do have an awesome job. Love you Jo Jo bean.

  4. Hey, Jo. I'm following your blog because it looks like you update more frequently than your MerttKyrph does. So update lots n lots. AND! I know this was a month ago but if you could mail those tacos you were eating to me that would be nice.